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ContractWorld.jobs. The Remote Agent Recruitment Website.

ContractWorld.jobs online recruitment system progresses applicants from job board to job certified working agents. See, hear and contract all the agents you want.

With ContractWorld.jobs, remote recruitment becomes an uncomplicated and entirely practical process for both corporations and their agent applicants.

Now contact centers can advertise their contract jobs on the ContractWorld.jobs free job board and then appraise and contract applicants entirely on-line.
Now agents can see, in one place, all the contract work on offer and the specific hours available to them.
ContractWorld.jobs has a database of over 40,000 members, so there’s never a shortage of applicants. There’s no place like it in the world.

The Two Sides Of ContractWorld.jobs.

The ContractWorld.jobs.site has two interdependent sides designed to exchange
recruitment and contract information with each other

The Agent Side.

This is where job seekers come to qualify for remote work and then apply to the advertised contract jobs. Job seekers are required to complete their Multi-Media Resumes that contain, not only the essential personal information, but also their voice and video cameos.

In addition, job seekers are required to complete the Remote Certification Process a series of on-line tests that determine whether they have the basic equipment and skills to work remotely.

The Corporate Side.

This is where corporations organize and execute their on-line recruitment programs. As a client you have your own fully secure Company Recruitment Center on the site equipped with all the data and communication tools required for the on-line recruitment process.

In your Recruitment Center you can prepare your own Contract Job Postings for display on the Agent’s side Job Roster then review, select and respond to the applicants. You simply choose who you want to go forward and train in your protocol.

Multi-Media Makes It Happen

The ContractWorld.jobs site’s multi-media environment of detailed e-forms, video clips, voice clips and live web interviews enables both parties to exchange a wide array of print, audio and visual information between each other.

For example, not only can you read your applicants resumes, but you also can see them and hear them – all within the ContractWorld.jobs site.

In many respects, the fullness and clarity of the information made available to you is superior to that provided in the conventional recruitment process.

Certainly you will have no difficulty making an informed decision on the suitability of any applicant.

And, of course, recruiting on ContractWorld.jobs is an incomparably quicker and more economical process.