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What Does Remote Certified Mean?

Every agent you choose from ContractWorld.jobs is certified by us. The term Certified Remote Agent signifies that the contract applicants are already fully wired, equipped and trained for work as remote contractors. These are not easy people to find.

For prospective agents to achieve the Certified credential they must comply to the very specific requirements set out by ContractWorld.jobs in the Remote Certified Check List.

When you review the Check List you will see that Remote Certification demands a high standard of competency in computer and telephone operation, plus a significant personal investment in home office facilities, technology and training.

In other words, Remote Certified is a real qualification that ensures that applicants are truly eligible for remote work.

We have made it a rule of ContractWorld.jobs that no one is eligible to be contracted by a hiring corporation without qualifying as a Certified Agent.

This way you know you are contracting people who have all the right stuff and are truly ready to go.

Why Contract.

Although some companies want their remote agents to be simply home- based corporate employees, in most cases there are significant advantages attached to operating your remote agents as independent contractors.

ContractWorld (as the name implies) is explicitly designed for companies who wish to contract their remote agents.

We are advocates of contracting agents because we believe it to be by far the most efficient and economical way of operating a remote agent workforce.

The Remote Contract Agent members of ContractWorld.jobs have unique properties and capabilities that no on-staff agent or outsourced agent can match.

As you read further and learn about such things as the Remote Work Contract and the concept of Real-Time Staffing we are sure you will share our view.

What Is So Different About The Remote Contract Agents?

Contractors. Not Employees. Remote Contract Agents are not your employees and they are not an outsourcers employees, they are all independent business people who contract their services directly with you. You define the work to be done, the conditions and the pay rate.

Their Own Office And Equipment. Agents work from their own home office equipped with their own remote network compliant computer, dedicated telephone lines, long distance arrangements and high–speed connections

Trained At No Cost To You. Remote Contract Agents are already trained (AgentAccess Training classes) to execute remote agent work. To learn your specific application they will come to your training facilities or to chosen sub contractors or they can learn on-line. They pay for their own training.

Good Skills. Plus Special Skills. Most Remote Contract Agents are already experienced CSRs with the baseline skill standards necessary to meet the recruitment profiles of most multi-media contact centers. Plus, they have the special proficiency of being able to process both incoming and outgoing service calls from a remote location.

Invested And Committed. Remote Contract Agents carry all the responsibilities associated with running

their own business. They carry their own overhead expenses , connectivity costs, office costs, equipment costs and all their training costs. So they’re motivated.

Paid Direct. Paid Per Transaction. Remote Contract Agents are paid per transaction. The individual transaction totals are derived from the bi-weekly Agent Call Report generated from the central switch of the LiveXchange Network . All that is required from the client corporation is one bi-weekly check. The breakout and distribution of payment is executed by PaySource Direct our third-party automated invoicing service.

Scheduled Any Time. Remote Contract Agents are available to work all hours including weekends, nights and holidays, plus unscheduled "on call" periods during emergencies.

Scheduled On-Demand. Remote Contract Agents are remarkable in their ability to be flexibly scheduled in as little as 30 minute increments. This is the basis of Real-Time Staffing perfect for giving supplementary help in peak times and spikes.

Recruitment Is On-Line And Free. Remote Contract Agents are recruited without fee, on-line right here at ContractWorld.jobs. There’s a large community to choose from, and because of the site’s thorough Certification process you know that every agent is a viable remote worker. Link to Certification Checklist.