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E-LearningXchange, 4C Remote Agent Training System.

One of the big worries for many corporations contemplating a remote agent program is how they can economically and effectively provide training to a widely dispersed work force.

E-LearningXchange, the learning portal of the LiveXchange Remote Enabling Service, provides a solution we call the 4C Remote Agent Training System.

Remote Certification is the first stage in the 4C Remote Agent Training System. The process first determines, through a series of on-line tests, if new agent applicants have the specific equipment and computer skills necessary for remote work.

The next step of Certification is the AgentAccess OS™ Training. Supervised exclusively by the E-LearningXchange Training Team, this is an entirely on-line course that teach new applicants how to operate independently in their own home office.

Every new remote agent applicant must achieve Remote Certification before they become eligible for any Client Application Training Course.