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LiveXchange™ Remote Network Infrastructure.

LiveXchange™ provides a telco standard voice/data infrastructure required to reliably, precisely and securely connect your remote staff with your contact center.

The LiveXchange™ Network is designed specifically for remote work. The network is ready to provide you with a multi-channel, multi site switching and intelligent routing capability within a telco secure infrastructure that is fully managed 24/7.

At the heart of the network is the LiveXchange™ Central Office. This is a resident part of the LiveXchange™ national infrastructure.

The LiveXchange™ Central Office has virtually unlimited scalability. No matter how many remote agents you want LiveXchange™ can handle it.

Your customer calls are routed to the LiveXchange™ CO either by dedicated T1 voice routing from your ACD, or by using 800 routing in the network cloud.

X509 Access Technology

We have instituted a public key encryption infrastructure (PKI) in order to provide trusted third party vetting of user identities.

PKI arrangements enable users to be authenticated to each other, and to use the information in identity certificates (i.e., each other's public keys) to encrypt and decrypt messages travelling to and fro.

In this way confidentiality, message integrity and user authentication can be established without having to exchange any secret information in advance.

PKI is used by the network to individually identify and isolate remote agents as they access. Each remote agent is issued their own X.509 certificate which binds their identity to our server and these certificates can be revoked at any time


The LiveXchange™ Rich Telephony Environment.

Overlaying the physical switching of multi media interactions are the intelligent routing and control capabilities of Oracle Contact Center Anywhere™ browser based telephony and messaging technologies. These include:

Remote Agent Assignment. 
Identifies the type of communication and then determines the best-skilled agent for the interaction - regardless of site location. The built-in server-based PBX is designed to accommodate the blending of internal and remote agents.

IVR Routing. 
Built-in IVR capabilities enable call
flows to be customized based on Dialed Number
(DNIS) and/or caller entered menu selections.

Supervisory Control. 
Gives your supervisors
the monitoring, mentoring, coaching and
control capabilities they need to support
their remote agents. Provides
supervisors with the ability to coach
agents in “whisper mode”, pop a chat
window on the agent's screen for silent
coaching, join calls, barge-in on calls,
mute agents or log agents out.

Agent Call Control. 
Provides a browser based Interaction Manager with which remote agents can handle every aspect of both inbound and outbound multi-channel interactions.
AgentAccess OS™ The Remote Agent Interface Disc.

Remote agents need a dedicated operating system to work from that brings together, on a simple, organized platform, all the various communications tools and applications involved in the daily execution of ther work. Implicit to distributing such an operating system is the assurance that the system can only be accessed by the agent it was assigned to. The AgentAccess OS™ provides a unique and very elegant solution.

Linux Based, Boot From Disc.

AgentAccess OS™ is a custom Linux operating system that works from a DVD –ROM disc that has been designed to boot into and run in RAM on boot up of the computer system.

On insertion, the AgentAccess OS™ disc takes over from the resident Windows™ and transforms any PC into a dedicated remote workstation that is both secure and stable.

The institution of an independent system divorces the user from the clutter and diversion of a general use system and also eliminates the potential compatibility problems.

Connection Security. The AgentAccess OS™ facilitates connectivity with the AAOS servers (and through to the customer), via one of or a combination of methods.
1) SSL HTTP, i.e. secure web enabled browser.
2) Tunnel over 3DES a) tunnel over SSH b) full ESP VPN (IPSec)
3) X.509 certificates or pre-shared key authentication on the tunnels.

Virus Security. It is impossible for a virus to re-occur on the DVD because simply powering off and rebooting guarantees a fresh start in RAM, reverting the product to original pristine state.

Encrypted File System. This file system is used for two purposes. First to hide the proprietary customer application. Second to render the AAOS-DVD useless if it were to fall into the wrong hands.

Fingerprint Login. The OS disc has an embedded finger print login system and also a live video link for monitoring both of which contribute to the Remote Agent Security Matrix.

AgentAccess OS™ The Remote Agent Interface.

AgentAccess OS™ has an easy to use Linux desk top interface that carries the tools of the remote agent including: the client application, the Interaction Manager, a live video link, a chat link, a web browser and an Excel reader.

The interface can be easily modified to fit your specific corporate operational requirement and it can also display your own private branding.

The operating system is easy to learn, the AgentAccess™ online training course requires only two days on-line training.

Access By Bio-Metric Sign-In.

A system of bio-metric fingerprint scanning ensures the legitimacy of a remote agent before he/she gains access to your network.

All remote agents have their finger print digitally embedded into their personal AgentAccess OS™ disk.

To enter the desktop the agents must first submit their prints in a bio-metric scanner. Access is denied if an agent’s fingerprint fails to match the AgentAccess OS™ disk.