6 Steps to Your First Contract Job.

Join ContractWorld.jobs

Before anything else, register as a Member of ContractWorld.jobs by filling out the Membership Form – it only takes a minute. Once you are a Member you can login to the Member’s Section of the site and Pre-Qualify* yourself for a job contract.

Apply for a Contract

First go to the Resume Builder in the Member Section and fill out the Personal Information section. You are then ready to view and apply on-line for any of the job contracts presently posted on ContractWorld.jobs.

Wait for an Invitation to Training

If your application is accepted by the hiring corporation you will receive an “Invitation to Training” email. After accepting the Invitation you can then go forward with the assurance you have met the base hiring standards.

Get Certified

The on-line Certification process presents a checklist of skills, training, equipment and business credentials needed for you to operate as professional Remote Contract Agent. You must complete the 3 On-Line Tests section of the Certification before you register for a Training Class, and then complete the other Certification processes before you attend your class.

Register for Training

Go to the Course Scheduler Section and sign-up and pay on-line for the Client Course you have been invited to attend. All courses are on-line. They vary in length and difficulty so fee costs also vary.

Graduate from Training and Start Working

Your client must graduate you from your class before you can take calls on the Network. Don’t worry the great majority of applicants make the grade. As soon as you graduate you can go to the scheduler and select your first shifts.
NOTE: Successful Pre-Qualification does not guarantee a contract, it simply recognizes that you meet a potential Client’s baseline hiring standards and are eligible to take their training course.
Once graduated from your client’s course, your Job Contract will be activated.